gprs shield

Hi all,
I’m working on a GPS datalogger-traker, using an arduino 2009 board, a gps-datalogger (by ladyada) and a seeduino gprs shield.
I would like to know how many inputs and outputs using the GPRS shield, and if possible to mount both a shield on Arduino 2009?
best regard

You can check the features at:
Other products can also be connected through the same function of port.

I managed to make it work, the problem was due to IDE 1.0!
Now I have another question, is possible send data via email, ftp or tcp-ip?

You can send data, using GPRS connection.
There is a sample sketch how to upload data to server - … using_GPRS
Use it as a guide, it’s simple. It makes a PUT request to the server, I recommend you using a POST request for sending data to your server.

Emulating email or FTP would be a lot more difficult, but I think also doable.