GPRS shield with Mega R3

I am trying to use the seeedstudio GPRS 1.4 with a Mega R3.

I am using the demo sketch in the wiki. The board turns on ok and the red and green LEDs light and blink as they should. I have the jumpers set for software communication. I set the terminal for 19,200 8 N 1. I did set it to add CR. I can not get the terminal to take the AT commands. I am plugging the shield into the Mega. Is there some issue of the Mega vs UNO? Do you have some instructions or sample code to make it work? Thanks.



The GPRS demo code is using Arduino SoftwareSerial library, it is different between Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega, the digital port 8 could not be used for software serial RX. Hence , if you want to use software serial, you should connect TX of GPRS Shield to other port like D10 , then change the demo code

SoftwareSerial GPRS(7, 8);
[/code] to[code]
SoftwareSerial GPRS(10, 8);

For more detail of SoftwareSerial library , you should refer to the below link.