GPRS shield voltage options: 3.7v li-ion?

I’m building a system where my Arduino is powered by a 3.7v li-ion with a dc step up. I’d like to know if powering the GPRS shield directly from the battery is possible, or does it require a higher voltage?

I had assumed the sim900 could be powered by 3.7v.

what is the minimum and maximum voltage?

otherwise, looks good.

Normal input voltage is 5V , maybe , can be drived by 3.7v voltage I think . just try it , 3.7v voltage will not damage the GPRS shiled .

Thanks for the reply deray.

I’d like to access the Real Time Clock on the SIM900. I have seen that the SDA and SCL pins are connected to A4 and A5, but I’m not sure of the address to use with the Wire interface.

Has anybody got the RTC to work successfully?