GPRS Shield v3 questions

I’m using your gprs shield in many projects.

But i have some few questions about it:

  1. Wiki:
    I don’t understand why the wiki of the V2 is different by the V3 version of the shield… the v2 is more accurate and rich of informations.

  2. Powering ON:
    Around the wiki and forum you say to solder the JMP pad… but i’m using the V3 unsoldered and it will power up via arduino… so… which is the exact difference between solder and unsoldering this pad?

  3. Libraries:

  • Which is the difference between GPRS_Shield_Suli and GPRS_SIM900? Which is the best? Which should I use?
  • Which is the “lighter” in terms of allocated byte in the arduino?
  1. Firmware:
    The simcom900 is a little bit slow… should i upgrade the firmware? How? Do you have a tutorial?

  2. HTTP GET:
    Can you add the support for the http get request?
    I’m talking about this AT commands: HTTPINIT - HTTPPARA - HTTPACTION

Thanks for your support

1.The difference between Gprs Shiled v2.0 and the Gprs Shiled v3.0 is change in the arduino socket to the latest Arduino Uno standard. Except this, all the features are same with the Gprs Shiled v2.0.

2.Already the JMP pads are connected to the GPRS shield v3.0.So, you don’t need to solder it separately.

3.Please find the description of Suli in the following link (

The GPRS_SIM900 library Sketch(i.e GPRS_Callup) uses 20% of program storage space and GPRS_SIM900_Suli library Sketch(i.e GPRS_Callup) uses 26% of program storage space.

4.Please find the following link to the zip file (SIM900 firmware and tool(firmware:1137B08SIM900M64_ST) for firmware upgrade) to the GPRS shield v3.0wiki resource page.


Could you tell me what is the right AT commands (from start to end) for have an HTTP GET request?



AT Commands for HTTP Application mainly have the following:









For detailed introduction, please refer to<LINK_TEXT text=“ … _v1.11.pdf”></LINK_TEXT>