GPRS Shield V2.0 - how to make always on?

Wanting this shield to go in a sculpture and to always be one when the arduino is on. So if i have a power cut or someone un plugs then when it gets plugged backend it will automatically start up again. Two options that I thought of

  1. solder the switch to be on all the time.
  2. solder the switch so that I can controlled it from the arduino board.
    Of course 1) is easier but I don’t really understand if this a good thing or not. Don’t want to blow things up or have it not start. Anyone done this or have advice around how to do this?

cheers Paul

You don’t need to solder anything.

Pin 9 is a software switch to power up the shield. Hold it high for 2.5 seconds then let it go low again at the start of your sketch. I haven’t looked at the schematic but the switch itself is probably connected to the exact same pin

hey thats fab Dave25 thanks for that :slight_smile: