GPRS Shield v2.0 and SIM card

It has been very difficult to find a SIM card in the United States that is compatible with the GPRS Shield v2.0. My carrier, AT&T, says that it is a G2 device and they no longer will issue SIM cards (including prepaid GO Phone SIM cards) for that older technology. Has anyone had success getting an “unlocked SIM” (whatever that means) that works with the shield?

hey , maybe there are many information we can search from web , for instance,

Seeed don’t provide a unlock SIM card, you know, in different Countries.

Hi Jacket,

Thanks for the reply. The site is a service for unlocking cell phones, not providing SIM cards. The GPRS shield is already unlocked. The problem is finding a carrier that will support it and provide a compatible SIM.

You keep referring to an “unlocked SIM card.” My understanding is that phones, not SIM cards, are locked and unlocked. Do you mean a SIM that doesn’t need a PIN number to gain access? Please clarify.

Will there be a G3 or G4 version of the shield coming out? US carriers like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-mobile, etc will probably support that version. You’ll have to build it around an M2M module that is certified by these carriers ( … =Certified).

For those of you with one of the GPRS v2 shields, there is a way to get the major US carriers to give you a SIM card. Find an old G2 phone on ebay, like an old Nokia 61xx series. Use its IMEI when ordering a GO phone SIM, or more economically, an additional line on a family plan. I’ve found AT&T is more sympathetic in supporting legacy phones like that, and tech support is sometimes willing to go the extra mile to get you a compatible card. You should make sure you still have G2 phone service in your area, since I’m told it is being phased out. No guarantee this strategy will work–I had to go through about eight AT&T reps before I found someone who would help me. Bypass the sales reps and go right to tech support.

To follow up, it appears that AT&T only supports the SIM900B module, which probably explains why I had such a hard time getting a SIM card from them. ( … proved=ATT).