GPRS shield turns off on incoming call


I’m using GPRS shield v1.2 mounted to Arduino Mega 1280.

I’ve loaded the test program (to use HyperTerminal for sending commands from PC) to Arduino and tested it.

It works fine (I’ve sent “AT” and received “OK”). Status and Netlight leds are on. Netlight blinks 64ms On/3000ms Off.

After that I’ve tried to call to phone number of SIM card installed to GPRS shield.

In this case - GPRS shield turns off immediately. Status and Netlight leds switches off.

The SIM card I use is from my personal phone and it works fine. Arduino Mega connected to PC through the USB cable and powers from it.

Could you please tell me what could be the root of problem?


Problem solved. The cause is bad powering via USB cable. Arduino should be powered by adapter


Sounds that you have already solved your problem, using USB for powering is a common mistake, I even burn my USB interface when I am a novice.

Thank you for your support.

Good luck!