GPRS Shield + Stalker + RTC/I2C ?


I have my Stalker V2.1 and GPRS shield working nicely and sending data/SMS. Now if I want to include the use of the RTC or other I2C device I have problems.

The simplest way to describe the problem is this: I load the just the Stalker with the DS3231 example code (NOW) and the time is nicely displayed on the Serial window as expected. If I now plug the GPRS sheild onto the Stalker I get nothing - same code.

Has anyone else had this problem or know of a fix please?

GPRS Shield do not use I2C pin , if it conflict with Stalker , try to disconnected GPRS I2C pin to Stalker.


Are you sure you don’t use D0 & D1 for gprs shield?

Power supply? Did you power the shield with arduino or external power source?