GPRS shield problem

Hi I’ve many problem with my shield…
I’m traing to execute the example in the wiki, for the first example with the serial terminal, after I send the string AT (and other command), I get a series of numbers as a result, and does not work.
i.e: 00255255255255255255255255131082688913101310436770857858324913101310436780737858328269656889131054535652131067971081083282101971001211310545356525251545556515455545354495152525153495355534953495351535553525256535553525256525651525453565252515455555555495651544951525251534953555349535052565353535053555352525753525256515257574948535755494949515057574948535755494949

For the second example, if I try to upload the sketch I get an error that says: As of Arduino 1.0, the ‘BYTE’ No Longer keyword is supported.
Please use Serial.write () instead.
Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
I use arduino 2009 with ATMEGA328.

We tested the GPRS module and found nothing happen.Plesae let us know how you use.What AT command or what code did you upload.