GPRS shield power

  1. Can the GPRS shield be powered by arduino board ? or it requires an independent power supply

  2. if so , do you sell any power sources for the shield ?

Dear customer,

GPRS can support power by Arduino board.

And also can use independent power.

Please explain the steps needed to get the GPRS shield powered by the Seeedstudio stalker (v2.1) battery. When I remove the uSARTBee GPRS power goes off? I think there must be some jumpers I need to connect?? If so, pls explain.

Hi there,

Sorry to tell you that battery can’t support 5V on stalker, it is 3.7V, and you should use adapter to supply 5V.
Uartsb support 5V, so why when you plug with it the GPRS can work.