GPRS Shield - name of connector for GSM antenna


I want to integrate the GPRS Shield into an plastic box, and so I have to fix the antenna outside of the box.
What is the name of the necessary female and male connector of the antenna? How is it called - so I can search at my suppliers to get one.
To make it easier for me,I think I will need also an HF cable, which I can fix to the connector to make it easier of the distance to place the shield in a serveral area in the box.

I hope you understand what I am looking for :slight_smile:


Hi there,
This is a GSM(900/1800) antenna link.
Which version of GPRS Shield do you use now ?
What is your box size? If you want to put the antenna in the box? You can try to take apart the anteena, and put it in the box.


The big one is a SMA connector. The small one a U.FL SMD connector. … tion_Notes


kind regards also from Austria :slight_smile:

Hi Rony,
What is the difference between SMA connector and U.FL SMD connector ?
I really do not know about it . :slight_smile: