GPRS Shield - how to tell when "ready"?

There must be some command that I can send or something I can detect that tells me the GPRS Shield is ready to send SMS (or receive it)?

I tried sending an “AT+CCALR?” but this seems to respond with a 1 even when the module is not ready to send a txt.

Has anyone figured out how to detect that the shield is “fully ready”???

All the command in this Command_Manual .


I see all the commands. There are many. I tried the command I thought would work to identify whether the shield was ready to send/receive SMS on the network. It does not work.

I think the shield has some way of determining when it is ready, because the LED table shows how the frequency of flashes changes when the network is fully “connected”. So what is the shield doing to determine that it should flash the “netlight” LED at 64ms On/3000ms Off? I need to know this same state.

I’ve been using AT+CGATT?