GPRS Shield Doesn't Power ON


I got my GPRS Shield SS-SLD33149P today,
I mounted it on top of a Arduino Duemilanove AT mega328
Inserted the SIM card,
Plugged the USB Cable in,

3 Light are On :
D1 Green
D2 Red
PWR Green

I then Press the power button,

Only PWR remains on and nothing happens,

It’s been 3 hours now that I’m pulling my hair out, trying to disconnect then put everything back together,
I did somehow managed to power the device for D1 to finally starting to blink green, and I even called the board from an other phone, however, this was 2 out of 600 unsuccessful attempts,

am I doing something wrong, or this board is dead ?

Thanks for your help

please follow the steps and check the problem:

  1. download the attached sketch, and modify the codes :" Serial.println(“ATD10086;”); " to " Serial.println(“ATDxxxxxxxx;”); ", the xxxx represents the number you want to dial. and then download the firmware to your arduino.
  2. insert the sim card, install the antenna. and plug the shield into your arduino.
  3. power the arduino, the led “PWR” on the shield should light now.
  4. make sure the jumper connect the GPRS_TX<–>RX, and GPRS_RX<–>Tx, and then press the button :pwrkey about 1s , the red led"status" should light now , and the bule led"netlist" should blink now.
  5. press the reset button of arduino, and wait for about 5s, the number should be dialed . you can hear it from the SPK connect with a earphone. try to reset the arduino again if it not works.

please tell me your results . thanks. (763 Bytes)

Thank you for your reply,
but I end up buying an other board since then
so I can’t test your procedure.