GPRS Shield: Any netduino / Micro Framework successes?

Looking for cellular to a Panda II or netduino board.

Any success stories or libs out there?


You can search at our home page for what you want, and view some feature or specification in our WIKI.

I want to purchase the GPRS shield, but I don’t want to be the first to use it with netduino / panda II.

I am looking to see if there are code examples, and successful use in this combination before I purchase.


Understand your feeling, but we haven’t sell any netduino / panda II.
At page there are some datasheet like AT commend or hardware design.
You can view those pins of board how to work and know compatible with your board or not.

So GPRS is base on SIM900, AT commend is the code for it.
If you supply correct power and give right signal that would be work.