GPRS Shield and Auto On?

I have the Seeed GPRS version 2 shield, and I was wondering, is there an auto-on option for this shield? Do I need to set a jumper or bypass a circuit to automatically activate this shield once the Arduino turns on?

I’m working on a touch-screen phone and I’m nearly complete, I just need to work on a home screen and a txt message feature, but it accepts calls, sends calls and accepts/sends basic txts. It’s a great project so far.

Any suggestions on how to automatically turn it on?

Yes, it has. You have to solder a jumper called “JP” and use Digital Pin 9.

From wiki

Power on/off by D9
Unsolder pad JP default. Solder it if you wanna use software to power on/off the GPRS shield. Set the D9 to a high level, it means the button is pressing.
The pad of JP besides the ISP port.

This is the code, but BE CAREFULL, it is both for power down or for power up the shield.

void powerUpDown()
pinMode(9, OUTPUT);