GPRS RDY +CFUN:1 +CPIN:READY Call Ready RDY and so forth

Hi Friends,

I have bougth a module GRPS for Arduino and I have made all described in … ield_v0.9b .
I only receive by serial 19200,8,n,1.
Call Ready

Always same,

I cannot enter any command, and I can not do nothing,

Please, Someone can help me to fix the problem and start to learn with the board.


it seems you gprs is working as the message . try to enter a command “AT”(important: there should be a carriage after the commnd before you enter the commnd to sent it to the shield), it the shield should returen a “ok”
you can use the attached serial tool
串口调试助手 (127 KB)

I have unzip the v2.2 zip , I have got ???v2.2.exe…
Please, This is a terminal application??
Sorry, I don’t know what to do with v2.2.
Please could you explain me ehat I have to do in order to solve the problem. Or maybe it is better to retun the product and get a new one .

hi, the file i gave you is a terminal application, but it seems your PC do not support chinese and it came out meanless codes, so, please use a ternimal application you like instead of this one.
sorry i may typed the “AD” as an error, it should be “AT”. a carriage should follow the “AT” comands , that to say, you first type the “AT”, and then press the enter key on you keyboard(carriage), and then press the button “sent data” on your terminal application. the GPRS shield should return “ok”.
there maybe some differece between different terminal applications, if it still not works. please sent the ternimal application you are using to , i would have a try.