GPRS Library

Is the Rephone(Xadow GSM-BLE ) support the communication through GPRS ? if yes then do you have its relevant library to program it through Arduino IDE ?
Knowing that I have installed the package for Arduino IDE as it is mentioned in the link … ePhone_Kit , but it seems does not include the library for support RGPS ! Can you help please.

Many thanks

I found these is a example about GPRS that is …\Arduino_IDE_for_RePhone\hardware\arduino\mtk\libraries.
Maybe you can make reference to it.

may i know where is the LGPRS? cannot locate it from the seeedstudio rephone arduino github.

I got the LGPRS libraries by downloading them from the mediatek site. They were written for the LinkIt board(Seeedstudio) which uses the same Mediatek 2502 chip as the RePhone. However, the libraries aren’t entirely cross-compatible. Regardless, here is how you get them.

Also, the Mediatek 2502 SDK plug-in for Eclipse has a few more built-in GPRS examples than the Arduino for Rephone does. Like TCP. My programming skill level isn’t strong, so working with Eclipse has been a challenge. Maybe you will have an easier time of it. Note that not all of the eclipse examples work on the RePhone. Wifi in one. The linkit board has wifi. The rephone does not.

It really would have been great if the RePhone team had ported over ALL of the GPRS related libraries and examples to the Arduino IDE for Rephone. Since the core of the RePhone is its MediaTek GPRS module :unamused:
Whether they plan to or not is anyone’s guess.


Did the LGPRS from LinkitOne work with RePhone? I am getting quite a few compile errors (mostly missing headers).

I guess I can copy all of those from the LinkitOne SDK, but just wondering if it actually work for you