GPRS & GPS & Arduino


I am looking for some small programmable arduino based device equipped with GSM and GPS module. I found very nice module from this webpage and I am sure that lot of people would be interested in buying such product if it was available from your store. Question for Seeedstudio: are you planning to sell some similar device? I know that you are already selling standalone gprs and gps arduino shields, but I am looking for solution that will be as small as possible and with low power consumption as security device for car. I have been using this cheap GPS tracker for a long time, but I am looking for something more reliable and something that can be programmed:

Thank you!


Very thanks for your feedback, that is a very useful idea for us. We will sell it depend on the requirement of most customers.
I do have interest in such this product used for GPS tracking. Hence , hope you could send you requirement to our WISH , where someone will collect these good ideas. Thx


Nice thing i love this…