Got my v2.81. Played for a week, firmware questions:

Hello guys. I got a new HW v2.81. I’ve been playing for a week and for the last two days i’ve been researching different firmwares. So far:
-Wildcat v4.1 works perfectly
-Gabonator, even 8mb versions corrupt the FPGA
-QUAD PAWN 0.11B kinda works on slot 4, it will always give a .ERR but magically it does still work
-Logic Analyzer v0.3 8mb works
-Pedro Simoes GCC v1.29 installs correctly but it won’t detect any signals (at least on CH B which i tested)

So i guess community development has tried out. Anyone using’s CHIPP’s firmware? (the russian one which is paid 500 rupees). If yes how does it compares to Wildcat’s v4.1?

In addition i saw in the forums that they have released sys v1.63 and v1.64. The first one is optimisations and the second one is mac support. I am using the stock sys v1.62. Any chance i’ll mess up anything if i update? Also is it even worth it to update the sys? I mean there might be even further incompatibility with the firmwares that still happen to be working.

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It seems that support for version 2.81 is lacking.