Good GPS Library for Arduino

Anybody know of any good GPS library for GPS on Arduino, I want to be able to enter some points from cad drawing and go find them in the field, so what i want to do is load a waypoint file and it tell me how to get to the location, also any real time kenematics for increased accuracy, or an app for iphone… I know about tinygps but looking for more robust features, obviously i googled and didnt find anything… otherwise i guess i will have to write a program to do what i need to do…

Hi there,
I have seen a wifi software GPS watch with ESP use LVGL and some Google Map API key with small display, you give it YOUR Lon-Lat and destination it, gives back direction and distance to waypoint and map data …AFAIK , looks like surveying land scenario with the extra feature is topo data , WAY more valuable and more expensive. :money_mouth_face:
R&D by PHiL somone?
GL :slight_smile: PJ

i used to survey with an HP48GX