Going Crazy Trying to use Uart (tx, rx). How to initialize? New method now in arduino

All I need is someone to help me with how to initialize an uart device (Hardware Serial?, (tx and rx)
rx is D7, tx is D6) on a xiao. The xiao only has one HwSerial so it should not be too hard. I have bought 14 of these puppies or more. I want to use hardware serial, not software serial. I also have to use a constructor because the sensor I am using passes it as an argument to configure it

The way it is defined now is quite different to when I last saw it. . I am using a Gesture Recognition Touch Sensor that uses rx and tx pins.If I have to use software serial, so be it Help asap :slight_smile:
I was confused by the updated adafruit article on how to use hardware serial, the constructor takes 4 arguments, but that may be an article that says how to add more spi, i2c and hwserial stuff

I figured it out. Answer: #include “HardwareSerial.h”
Serial1 is hardware serial, tx on board goes to rx on sensor, and rx on the board goes to tx on sensor