GithubStats demo or any other web request not working

I have the latest firmware flashed (2.1.3) and latest libraries downloaded for the Arduino IDE, even tried the 2.0.0 and latest 1.8 both on MacOS and Windows, also different combinations from forum posts I found here but still the problem I have is:

The WiFi connects and gets the IP but I cannot establish a server connection. Somehow the HTTPClient (so without SSL to port 80 or TCP), WiFiClientSecure or any other I have tried so far does not work. No request is sent out at all.

I have also tried different WiFi networks but no change in behaviour.

Anyone has a code I can grab that is proven to be working? Thanks in advance.


Are you using the same firmware as here? The highest version should be 2.1.2.

Well the wiki says to use this repo and this has 2.1.3:

Going back to 2.1.2 from the other repo now and trying again.

As the section of the Wiki Flash the Latest Firmware is cloned with only the v2.1.2 repository, I need to ascertain if it is a v2.1.3 version issue. I look forward to your reply.

Thank you! So I can connect to wifi with 2.1.2 firmware now, get my IP (as before) and get “Connected to server!” even but it seems the HTTP request itself does not get processed.

Will try to troubleshoot.

Either it is stuck at “Connected to server!” or it gives “Connection failed! 0 0 0”

Would you have a simple HTTP and HTTPS test code? @Citric
Also I am using the latest libraries for Seeed rpcUnified 2.1.4 and Seeed rpcWiFi 1.0.6

So managed to get HTTP to work with HTTPClient library first, then HTTPS with another example from multiple search results I could find.

I think finally as a result: the GithubStats demo is broken as the connection is established but no data can be sent through the channel. Seems there is an issue with HTTPS and the certificate. Encountered this with other servers too.

@Citric can you get the GithubStats demo to work?

Can you send me the code so I can help you troubleshoot the problem. If not you can refer to the Wiki for the routines.