Getting started (stumbles)

Greetings to everyone.
I need help getting started.
I want to install the seeeduino board, but the library installation failed.
I watch the youtube tutorial and follow the instructions. It does not offer a choice on my computer (“Seeeduino Xiao”)
and next: (05:10 min. Seeeduino XIAO the Smallest Arduino, Getting Started Tutorial, Pinout, specifications, & Arduino IDE)
What do I not know?
Can someone give me a valid link to download the library? (zip)
I am very grateful for the help, every suggestion will save my life.
Thanks …

Hello, I tried the link and found it works

Dear, thank you very much for kindly helping me. Unfortunately, I beat my head into the wall again. To me, the laptop doesn’t show the screenshot you showed.
I’m clueless (and unlucky, loser)
I pasted yours link on the Properties tab

I think it would help me if I could install a .ZIP package.What do you think about this ?
I’m excited and counting the minutes.

Have you tried Steps 3 and 4 of the Getting Start chapter at the link below?

Dear msfujino,
I’m grateful because you’re listening to me.(3./1. step)

and …
(3./2.step) Click Tools-> Board-> Boards Manager… , print keyword "Seeeduino XIAO " in the searching blank. Here comes the “Seeed SAMD Boards”. Install it.

i can’t understand why my screen is different

I’m grateful for your time
Jozef ;-(

back to baseline …
I am very sorry for the unnecessary effort.
I needed your instructions.
I marveled at my own fault.
I got lost in my language version. I learned with your help that “board manager” is not equal to “Library manager”.
I was able to produce perfect operation.

I am very happy to have overcome the impossible.
I needed your help!
I start the exciting work …

I’m glad it helped you.
Good luck.