Getting started OLED not working


Seeed rp2040 xiao

(The getting started page)

  1. Arduino working good, uploading etc
  2. Digital pins ok
  3. Analog pins ok
  4. Serial ok
  5. OLED not working with i2c

Ive tried 128x64, 138x32, arduino software, adafruit gsx, u8g2 recommended library
Oscilloscope the i2c lines, pulled them up too
Nuttin honey!

Hi, which OLED are you using? Is it Grove 1305? Have you checked your OLED separately? With a simple Arduino UNO?

There is nothing wrong with the upstairs way of troubleshooting. From experience, this OLED screen is very fragile and we suggest trying to use the Arduino UNO to test if the screen is working properly first. We look forward to hearing from you.

upstairs way of troubleshooting???