Getting gateway to see application

I have a gateway on TTN…It is communicating…I have a Lora-e5 Module that I can send AT commands to over UART…I requested over UART and copied the DevEUI and AppEUI into the DevEUI and JoinEUI respectively on TTN. I generated a AppKey on TTN and copied that into the Lora - E5 module using the UART command…All looks good…I registered it but I do not see it showing up. I have chosen the correct freq…NAM1 and US915(TTN).

I now look at the TTN and the AppKey is different than what I copied over to my device…Is this correct or should it be the same? I also notice the Device Address (shortened version ) is not what the node shows me when I request it over the UART…is this a problem?

Should I delete application and try again? Thoughts?

Well if dev address is not the same it’s not going to work ! you can follow that article for example about setup of an E5 module with TTN :slight_smile:
Just to be sure your gw is also on US915 ? What gw are you using ? Have you been able to check if it receives some Lora messages (if you are in town or suburbs you should receive from time to time some LORA messages from devices in neighborood :slight_smile: It would help to be sure your gw is fully working well :wink:

yes gateway is on US915 TTN. I was able to plug a lora-e5 development board in and see that data came across the gateway and showed up on the ttn…

I will look into the dev address…I seem to think that all I entered was the AppEUI and DevEUI…The device address I did not enter…Hmmmm…I will look into this tomorrow…I don’t recall seeing a place to do this (at least the instructions on Seeed site didn’t say you were to put that in)