Get Your Own PCB for Free

Seeed Fusion Service are going to launch an activity. People who participant in this activity have the change to get his own designed PCB board free. Below is the detailed information about this activity.

Come and invite your friends to make one. :slight_smile:

Activity Scheduleļ¼š

Activity timeļ¼š1 Sep-15 Oct 2015

Release the winners nameļ¼š16 Oct-20 Oct 2015

Fabricate PCB boardsļ¼š21 Oct-30 Oct 2015

Send prize to winnersļ¼š1 Nov-15 Nov 2015

Activity Rulesļ¼š

Design an attractive simple Gerber file with your name on it
Materials and instructionsļ¼š

After you finished your design, send your Gerber to us at, we will check your Gerber and shared it to Fusion Gallery, and send back the Gerber web link to you. Then ask your friend to add like numbers to it.
File name: designā€™s name_makerā€™s name; eg. play card_noura li

Note: The work shared to Fusion Gallery can be downloaded and ordered by other users.

The number of works by you is not limited. You can design several different works and send to us.
In order to win this activity, ask more and more friends to add like numbers to your work. You can add like numbers to other participantsā€™ works too.
We will count the like numbers of every participantā€™s works at the middle of October, and choose the first 4 as the winners. Then fabricate them to PCB boards.

The Winners will get:

5pcs PCB boards you designed by yourself
1pcs PCB board of the three other winning works
A $50 coupon, which can be used at Seeed to deduct any product price in the future.

Come and invite your friends to make one :slight_smile:.