Get a product in China

My developer is living in China and we would like to develop an IoT system with the Coral Dev Board Mini -

Is it possible for him to get this shipped to his Chinese address?

Hi @Mattias_Akerman , sorry for my belated message. This is Lily from Seeed Community Team. Yes, we have an official store on Taobao where you could place an order in China. Here is the link to the store:; Currently the Coral Dev Board is not listed on the store but you could ask your team in China to message the Customer Service on Taobao and our colleague will take care of the order for you. Please feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn if you get any other problems.

Hi , I’m trying to order with my china address but the taobao shop is saying he can’t proceed to ship the order because of sku issue in their system (cannot be sold to china).

Can you help me out with this issue?

Hi @ferbulous, sure. Could you share the SKU and purchase quantity information? Please share it through private messages or Wechat. Do you have a Wechat? If you do, could you please add me (my Id: meililiy) to your Wechat contacts? In this way, we could exchange messages in a much efficient way.

@Mattias_Akerman @ferbulous I’m super sorry for offering the misleading information. I’ve checked with our Online Business Team and it turned out that due to the liscening Coral Development Board is not allowed to sell to several countries and areas including China.