Gesture Sensor not working

Hello guys,
I am pretty new to Wio Link. And I am stuck where I am trying to read gesture sensor value connected to the Wio Link.
I have connected the sensor to the I2C port.
I am using python to retrieve the sensor value. But it always outputs 0.
Here is my code:

import json
import urllib2
while var==1:
print data[‘motion’]

Am I doing something wrong here?

Same here, just from the API reading is 0… with many different gestures as shown in the video … -2463.html
Any suggestions??

I also have the same problem.

After adding the sensor to the i2c port using the app, I open up the device webpage.
There is a get button, which I pressed over and over again during I made some gestures. Unfortunately the result is alway {“motion”: 0}.

Same here.

@WIO Team:
Shouldn’t the gesture Grove trigger an event? Else it wouldn’t make much sense.


I’ve copied this thread to the Grove section viewforum.php?f=17
Maybe the chances are better to get an answer there.

It would be a much better idea to write a python code so that the gesture sensor scans the environment indefinitely.
Maybe the time period for scanning is too less when you run it through the webpage.
But anyhow, both ways are pretty much dead end for me.