Gerber viewer doesn't show milling

Hi I am trying to make a pad where I can through hole mount the pins of an SS-5GL limit switch.

I’m doing this in Eagle 9.1.3 and my method was to make a large pad and then add a milling layer big enough to fit the pin in the middle.

In the following picture the green area is in the pad layer and the blue area is in the milling layer.

I followed the guide at <LINK_TEXT text=“ … from-eagle”></LINK_TEXT> and added milling as well as dimension to the board outline file. But when I upload to seeed PCB and use the gerber viewer I only see a small round hole in the pad.

How do I solve this?

Hi David,

Thanks for your post, it seems like the Gerber viewer is having problems detecting or reading the outline layer properly. I suspect that the dot is from the drill layer (Eagle likes to overlay drill holes on milling slots).

The only way to really verify if the engineers will be able to see the milling is if we check the files for ourselves. The Gerber viewer is not the smartest and can trip over itself sometimes and Eagle updates keep messing with CAM files. Would you mind sharing the Gerber files here or via PM? Also, the design file and the CAM file used might help us determine if the configurations are correct.

Thank you very much,