Generic digital output - API problem

I setup a generic digital output, with a led (and series resistor) from 3.3 volts to the output. Using the API example in the App, I can turn the output on (LED lights) but I cannot turn it off again.

I have tried this on two different WIOs, and the result is the same. The output works for temperature/humidity sensors, so the output seems to be OK.

So it appears to be a software problem, has anyone come across this before?

Hi there,

I have tried with Wio LTE Cat.1 and Grove - Variable Color LED, here is the code:
#include “WioLTEforArduino.h”

WioLTE wio;

void setup() {


pinMode(WIOLTE_D20, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
digitalWrite(WIOLTE_D20, HIGH);

digitalWrite(WIOLTE_D20, LOW);
It’s working like Blink example in Arduino IDE. Do you mind telling me which kind of Wio did you use? Please try the code above and tell me the result.

Best Regards,