Gateway EUI for LoRaWAN HAT on Wio Terminal


I received the LoRaWAN HAT (part number 114992728 in December '21 but only now have I been able to work with it. I don’t know whether I misplaced any accompanying documentation but I cannot locate the Gateway EUI that is applicable for this HAT.

The documentation at Wio Terminal LoRaWan Chassis with Antenna-built-in LoRa-E5 and GNSS, EU868/US915 - Seeed Wiki states that each LoRa device has a unique serial number that will be displayed when connected to the Wio Terminal. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to reproduce that result. Nothing happens when I connect the HAT to the Wio Terminal. There must be some mistake in my approach.

How can I obtain the DevEui key? Is there any Arduino sketch that I can run to retrieve this data? Thanks.

Kind regards.