Gain and zer setup

Hi,i’d like know if is possible by software adjust the gain and zero voltage to fix the voltage maesurement( tha zero voltage are not zero, and the voltage are wrong).The version is 2.4.I know the version 1.5 it is possible to do.I tried do the same procedure but it didn’t work.

Software auto calibration is possible and queued in further upgrade. Thanks for lifting this issue!

1.5 is not Seeedstudios firmware, it is the Paul firmware ( and is not comparable to Seeedstudios versions. Paul has had this feature for some time in his firmware. It is sad to see peoples valuable time getting lost on duplicating work that has already been done by someone else :frowning:

We had been trying to communicate with Paul, but he couldn’t release the source file since some commercial codes are included. Misery…

Ah, his source was “tainted” :frowning:
Was he allowed to do so? What I mean is I guess he is not the original author of the firmware so he must have gotten it somewhere probably with an open source license. Many OSS licenses does not allow you to close the code by releasing binaries only if you have done some modifications, you have to make the source available somewhere. He should have used the “lib” approach too for the commercial stuff and released the modified dso nano source code. Or maybe he has bought the code (from e-Design co ltd?) and had the right to release only binaries (with modifications)?
The license in the source code is a bit unclear I think :frowning:

My firmware is based on offical source of Bure,they told me should not release the source for some commercial code had been embeded .

Ah, so I guess the commercial code we are talking about is the same that affected seeedstudio too which they now have permission to release or moved to the binary “lib”? Doesn’t this mean it would be ok for you Paul2 to give seeedstudio access to your work as they already have permisison and access to the closed source too so it wouldn’t matter? I mean you don’t have to send the sources to everyone with a post on this forum :wink: And I think seeedstudio is careful and professional enough not to release it directly with the commercial code included. They just need to “borrow” parts of your firmware to enhance theirs if that is ok with you :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding so fast Paul2 and sorry ktesh for hijacking your thread!