Gadgeteer and Xbee help!!!!

Dear Seeedstudio,

I m a musician / instrument builder who has recently swapped over from arduino to Gadgeteer. An example can be seen here:

I also want to create a set of tutorials with code snippets that will get other Digital Musical Instrument builders up and running quickly so they can focus on their ideas and making music rather than a long time developing code from scratch.
Here is my first tutorial:
Controlling Music in Max MSP software using Gadgeteer … gadgeteer/

I m trying to build a wireless digital musical instrument with Gadgeteer and Xbee linking to Max MSP software running on a Mac. I m programming the Gadgeteer on Microsoft Visual Studio through Virtual Box running a Virtual Machine with Microsoft Windows 7.

The Problem
However, i m totally
frustrated with trying to get the Gadgeteer to send serial information via the xbee to another xbee attached to the computer…

Could someone please help me…

I ve switched from Arduino to Gadgeteer and i m trying to get the Xbee module working… I ve tried everything to no avail…

With arduino it was really simple - connecting the tx of the arduino to the rx of the Xbee would sent any serial data from arduino via serial - instant wireless!!!
(After configuring the Xbee’s using a command line serial program to configure them - the ATDH ATID etc.)

With Gadgeteer I can open a serial port using the gadgeteer serial module… and send serial data from my Gadgeteer project to the computer. Why wont the same code send data via serial when the Gadgeteer serial module is replaced with an xbee?
All i want to do is wire replacement to make the project wireless…

Here’s a sample of the code i m using:

public partial class Program
GT.Interfaces.Serial mySerial;
void ProgramStarted()
// settings for the serial port
mySerial = new GT.Interfaces.Serial(GT.Socket.GetSocket(8, false, null, null), 9600, GT.Interfaces Serial.SerialParity.None, GT.Interfaces.Serial    
//open the serial port
//test the port is open

Could anyone give me any suggestions for a work around to get the xbee to just relay the serial data?

Thanks in advance,


Hi benjaminfreeth, can you describe how do you send serial data from the Gadgeteer project to the computer? thanks.