Gabonator on DSO203 v2.72

Greetings everyone!

I recently received my DSO203 with hardware v2.72.
Thanks to this great forum, I managed to install Gabonator app from I didn’t install any custom system firmwares, just installed the Gabonator hex in slot 3.

Everything seems to work fine even saving on disk. Now I need some help from you to understand few things on this device and Gabonator interface, so bear with me.

  1. How to change the window size of Gabonator (similar to the stock firmware where user can select 4k, 2k, 1k… etc.). The rendering becomes too slow on higher timebase divisions.

  2. In the calibration menu, the first option shows Adc 0.5V. However, this voltage can be changed up or down from the menu before making the selection. What is the effect of changing this number (since it does seem to do anything on the calibration screen after selecting this option)?

  3. Vpp values are wrong. Even after calibration (which I hope that I have done it properly).

  4. On Trigger options, I understand the Threshold option, but any explanation for the “Time”, “HoldOff” and “Trig. pos” options.

I still have other questions but kindly looking forward to have answers on the above first.