FW 2.31 thoughts


I love it when I see people enhancing the DSO nano with new firmware. That I knew it will only get better and better was actually the one thing that made me buy it because I love it when things evolve and I’m so excited to try new firmware. It’s like christmas :wink: The nano is really cool!

However, with FW 2.31 everything is not so good :frowning: The new curve color is much harder to see then the neon green of the old FW :frowning: And if I have a too fast signal for the selected time/div it will only display a thin straight line as if there was nothing picked up at all. I would like a solid thick line to be displayed and the thickness (hight) should correspond to the voltage of the signal so it is clear that something is there but it is to fast. I know the idea was to use transparency but I don’t think it is even necesary as under some usage conditions it will only make it harder to read the display (direct sunlight for example). Maybe it could be fine tuned to be all good but I rather see the time spent on more important things like enhancing the single trigging like paul did (numerous people has asked about this) which has seen no enhancement 2.01->2.31.

Kind regards

Actually, we are more likely to call it 2.31beta… We will keep improving the firmware, thanks!

You could hide the reference waveform, press M while the menu item is on horizontal or vertical scale. Hope it helps for now.

Post in wrong topic? I guess this was for the “Reference Wave Display.” post? I’ve never said anything about that :wink: