Futur version, function Horizontal and Driving position!

Hello world!

In version 3.64, there is in “YA” the function “Ref Pos” which makes it possible to move the image of from top to bottom reference and “Vert Pos” which makes it possible to move the wave in from top to bottom real time.

Is what it would be possible one day in a forthcoming version (3.65 for example) to have this function but for displacement from left to right, for example in “XA”, a function “Ref Pos” and “Vert Pos”. It would be interesting to have this function also to move the waves in real time.

Finally that the image of reference and that in real time can move independently one of the other. As “Ref Pos" functions it, that displacement can be made “P -195 to P 195” because unfortunately in “XA” the function “Trig Pos” and in “YA” the function “Vert Pos” displacement this fact of square with square.

It would be the equivalent of the buttons “Horizontal position” and “Driving Position” of the oscilloscope of laboratory.

Thank you very much for your marvellous work BenF!

You can already shift the waveform vertically (YA – Vert Pos) and horizontally (XA – Trig Pos) using the current version.

It is also possible to offset the reference both horizontally and vertically from the live waveform. Use “YA - Ref Pos” for a vertical offset and “XA – Trig Pos” for a horizontal offset.

I’m using BenF v3.64 (I take it this is from you? Thank you!) on a DSO Nano V2, but horizontal movement of the reference waveform doesn’t seem to work. So I googled, and found this post.

“XA - Trig Pos” seems to move both the live waveform as well as the reference waveform together, which is tricky for me because I need an X offset for the reference waveform (an I2C clock) my current task. So I also started looking for “XA - Ref Pos” or something similar, but haven’t been able to figure this out.

I tried recapturing my live waveform with an offset “XA - Trig Pos”, but then the trigger point is moved together with the reference waveform again, so I’m still stuck. Please tell me what I’m missing!