FusionPCB:Paid using Paypal but no history!

I made my first order at SeeedStudio recently for PCB Fusion as i had heard about the quality and customer service they had. But I am disappointed. :cry:

It looks like the new website they offer for the Fusion PCB service is buggy.I uploaded the gerbers as required by you and checked out the cart and paid thru my credit card using PayPal. The payment was completed in the name of “Hao Pan”
with the merchant name “SERATECHI”. Is this related to seeedstudio in any way?
Further i would like to bring to your notice that the order history doesnt show any orders but i have the paypal receipt of the payment!Is there some kind of a bug in your website?
Please Reply as soon as possible.I have been trying to reach you guys but there is no email id mention anywhere on the frontend!!!

Thanks and Regards,
Rohit Gupta

hi there,
sorry for the inconvenience,the bug has been repaired, we will contact with you soon about your order info.