This is my first time ordering PCBs here at Seeed Fusion but I have been ordering from several other companies in the past and never had so many problems of communication and delays.

When I sent my request online the production time was 3-4 days, but then they changed it to 5-6 + 1 of processing the order + 1 of packing, that time not only is way greater that other companies, but the information was not clear to me, if that’s the best time you can be maybe it is ok for some projects but it has to be clear when can I exaclty expect my PCBs to arrive. I still dont understand why you need 1 full day for packing and another for processing.

Also you have no phone number, I have to rely on emails that seem to go to several random people that each give me different information. One said to me it was going to be shipped on monday, other said tuesday, today is wednesday, the boards show as still in production and they are not answering.

I know its demanding for me to ask for 75 pieces in 7 days but several companies do give the service and in my experience they deliver, if you cant be clear about it.

Hello Jdomingo,

Thanks for your message, we’ve checked with the engineers and it seems the order was incorrectly pushed to the small batch production line (not the prototype line) which is typically 5-6 days. If sent to the prototype line then it would only take 2-3 days. Deepest apologies. It is the first time I have personally seen this and we are investigating the cause to see how we can avoid this in the future.

Your order has been finished yesterday and is in the warehouse for packing. They will be shipped later today. As for the shipping I see you have picked express DHL which is our fastest service available and the package should arrive to you in 2-3 days.

Sincere apologies again and I hope that helps,