Fusion Premium PCB email response time. No answer in a week!

I’ve asked more than 1 week ago for quotation using their mail address (propagate-at-seeedstudio-com).

4 layer boards with v-cut and stencil. Got partial quotation, not including stencil price because they could not open the gerber, checked and resent, and no answer in a week.

Is this normal? If so, i will order at itead or pcbcart… I can’t allow more delay and this *** customer service.


Shuyang back fm US,will reply soon,

Sorry for the inconvenience cause,

Have a nice day!

I just couldn’t get SMS sending to work so far, and always got an and “ERROR” when trying to execute AT+CMGS.
But this might not be a problem with the shield or module itself, it might have been the SIM card, I am checking with another one soon.