Fusion Premium - lied about service and shipping

I use Seeed Fusion quite regularly and usually the time frame from placing an order to actually receiving the PCBs is about 10-12 days. It is not super fast but the price is great.

I had a very important project for which I needed to get a prototype quickly so I submitted an RFQ with Seed Fusion Premium service. The quote I received was good and I opted to upgrade to the 1 day turnaround time for only $60 more.
I paid promptly and expected to receive the pcbs in a few days.

It has now been 11 days!!! 4 days ago they told me the order had been shipped and told me it might be stuck in customs. This was a lie! All they did was register a shipment with DHL but they never actually shipped anything.

I feel really ripped off and mislead with this service but the worst part is the loss of time. This was very time sensitive and I could have gotten prototype locally; it would have cost more but I would have had it in 5 days.

Seeed needs to be honest!!! They can’t falsely advertise or charge for a service that they can’t fulfill.

Hi there,
Sorry for the bad experience. Sincerely apologize for the troubles.
Lately, we do have problems on logistics. Hong Kong and China customs are inspecting ALL packages leaving mainland China! Our shipping transit estimates have been extended 4-7 days. It will take several days up to a week to get a tracking number! Evidently this effects all carriers and logistics companies.

Please understand and trust that we didn’t lie about it and pushed carriers so hard to shorten the delay. You may google the latest news of shenzhen&HK custom.

We will try to compensate your premium PCB order. Could you please tell me your order NO.
Please feel free to contact me at shuyang@seeed.cc