fusion pcb wrong nobody answers

It’s not my first order (6-7 mini)

I received my last fusion order :

Order Number : 180928172007 monday and unfortunately pcb is unusable because they forgot to apply my solder bottom mask gerber file

some track need to support 40-60 A and i had weld

I sent 4 e-mails since Monday (fusion support, bot, contact…) to understand where is error and no answer

Capture d’écran de 2018-10-24 22-51-25.png

Hello Pierre,

We are sorry to hear of your of troubles with the service, but I have checked our support system and customer support responded to your messages on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th (GMT+8). Could you check your spam folders? Maybe it got lost in there.

It seems there are two solder mask layers in your files and the one you wanted is the same except it has areas that look like errors from the engineer’s perspective. So they must have assumed that it was incorrectly generated and followed the regular one.

Hope that helps,


it’s strange

before sending this message I checked my spans and nothing, and now I still have nothing in the spans and i have no problem to received mails from newsletter@seeed.com

and when i check my zip files i found 6 files :

Bottom copper, Drill ident, solder mask bottom, top copper, top documentation and top silkscreen …

can you return me the zip files pcb_2019 that I check with these email : niepcedijon@gmail.com

Hello Pierre,

I’ve checked the e-mail accounts and we didn’t e-mails saying the messages were being blocked so that is strange,

I have sent you a message including the PCB manufacturing files we have on record to both e-mail addresses, there are 13 files included in total. Let me know if they have been received successfully.