Fusion PCB Service Problem!!!!! Please Help!


I used some times ago the PCB Service and all the process was ok, I did my board in Eagle, downloaded the DRC and the CAM. I performed the DRC, all ok, I performed the CAM using the OUTPUT Device: GERBER_274X all ok; then I sent the files to Seeed studio and I received the perfect PCB as request. Well done!

Now I’m trying to do the same with a different PCB, but SeeedStudio send me back emails told me that: “no drilling,the hole have no size” with all the files that I sent!!! I try to download again the DRC and the CAM, but no way, the same reply!!!

Of course I checked that the components on the board have drill size different from 0, and they have so! I checked that the DrillsHoles Section in CAM have the Drills Layer and Holes Layer selected, and that in the Slot drills/holes Section in CAM have the the Dimension Layer and Milling Layer selected and it’s so!!!

Please help me, where I’ve to check about this problem???



Same problem here. it’s my first time I use SeeedStudio services, and seems it doesn’t work. I keep getting the same email response: “drill files missing” or “no drilling”.
The files were made with the CAM suggested on the site, with the recommended settings.

Is there a solution for this problem?


Had the exact same problem but found the answer on this forum somewhere…
The drill file must be in EXCELLON format. All other files in RS274X.

F**k, I will never find out this without your help!


…but it’s also my fault, when you open the CAM, if you don’t change anything, the drill layer is ready with the Excellon type and the rest are with GERBER!!! :blush:


Did that work for you?
I submitted the drill file made as Excellon not RS274X, and got the message : “we cannot open the file”, don’t know if it means that they can’t open the zip file or the drill file…
Anyway, re uploaded again and waiting for a response.