Fusion PCB order 74264 (the trace layer short circuit)


I load my project as a zip archive. Today I received message with error: “the trace layer short circuit”. I checked files in GerberLogix viewer and doesn’t found problem in top or bottom layers. Can you explain the source of problem?

Thank you!
devbrdlpc.zip (136 KB)

I have no connection to Seeedstudio, but I think there is a problem with some of your copper pours.

For example this part looks odd:

What program do you use?
In GerberLogix and CAM350 I see this picture

This was with the GerbView program from the KiCad suite.

I checked my gerbers in KiCad’s GerbView and found some places with problem. I regenerated gerbers for compatibility with GerbView. Maybe this will solve the problem.

Thank You!