Fusion PCB order 72534 (no drill)


I load my project as a zip archive. After some time, the system reports an e-mail: “no drill.” However, the archive contains a txt drill file, and it opens in GC Prevue. In what could be the problem?

AKMDAC.zip (468 Bytes)

Did you generate the files using Seeed_Gerber_Generater_v0r95_DrillAlign.cam? Did you use Eagle? Which version?

I use PCAD-2004.

You don’t answer my question about the CAM file so I can’t help you.

By the way, PCAD was bought up and killed off by Altium altium.com/community/legacy- … n/pcad.cfm

Sorry, but I do not understand how to use .cam file in PCAD2004.
PAD2004 generates NC drill file in Exellon format, probably this format does not correspond to your needs. How can I PCAD2004 tune to the desired format?