Fusion panelizing rules

I was wondering if a board layout like this

was allowed for the Fusion service. This would help me keep the edges of the subboards clean, since I only have to cut a few straight lines to seperate the boards.

hi Nsn,
you can panelize to save the cost, but you need to cut the board by yourself.
This is the rules of Panelizing:

•There should be no more than 5 sub-boards to fit the size.
•The sub-boards should only be separated by the silkscreen. Using any holes or slots to separate the sub-boards is not permitted.
the board outline is hard to cut,so your design don’t meet our panelizing rule.

Thank you for your answer!

Would a simpler layout work? For example one of these:

I want to keep the necessary cuts to seperate the boards as straight lines, but I would like to have rounded corners on the boards themselves.

maybe the first picture is more easily accepted than the second picture.