Funnel IO remixed

What type, exactly, is the new power connector you have included on the funnel io remixed?

I am planning on using it for a project because of its integrated xbee support, but the lack of documentation for the funnel remixed, and the funnel IO in general is scaring me quite a bit - there is no other integrated arduino/xbee platform however…

Anyone else use these? Are they any good?

Is there any plan to release a 328 version of the funnel, like the updated arduinos?

It uses JST 2 pin jack, the same as Seeeduino. Please note the polarity.
You would need extra serial to USB adapter to program FIO remixed, we have UartSB ready for that.
We would upgrade to 328 when the smt chips is well available.

Can you tell me what chip the built in voltage regulator on the FIO is?

I have ordered 2 (from nkc electronics!) and I have big plans for them!!

Thought I might try to ask one more question on this…

Is there a power input pin anywhere on the board, or is it necessary to use the provided power jack or the faux USB jack?

I find the documentation on the Funnel IO website to be pretty crappy…