Functionnality and future support of HW2.2 vs HW2.6?

Hi, I am tempted to buy one of those DSO Quad scope. Reading on these forums, I saw that there was 2 major hardware versions floating around. I tried to search a little bit but I could not find all the answers to my questions.

Apart from the firmware upgrade procedure. As of now, is there any difference feature-wise between the 2 versions?

Will the version 2.2 hardware be supported by new firmware update in the future?

What are the benefit of having a HW2.6?

I saw somewhere on seeedstudio that a sys upgrade (1.31) had bring the sample rate to 144Msp/s for single channel usage and 72Msp/s for 2 channels usage. Is this true? And if yes, does it only apply to HW2.6?

Thank you!

I can’t tell you whether 144MS/s is working well or not. I have seen some bug reports showing the samples being interleaved or skewed when looking at small time scales. I would say, before you buy read carefully all the bug reports on this forum – don’t find out about them after you’ve bought!

However, I can clarify the version 2.2 question. It’s way overstated here. The reality is that on a different forum ( they did a limited test run of v2.2 hardware, and when they had v2.6 hardware they sent replacements to the small number of testers that had them.

In other words, v2.2 hardware is not being used by anyone anymore. In addition, Bure, the engineer doing the design work here (e-design is his company), has stated at that no further software updates will be done for the v2.2 hardware.

Thank you for the quick reply! I will probably buy one now. The 144Ms/s thing is not of great importance to me. 72Ms/s is by far enough for hobying and portable usage. It’s just that I am a student and I don’t have alot of money. I would like a scope but I cannot afford to pay over 200$. The DSO Quad would be really great for me as it’s BW is far superior than anything I could build myself and the community around it ensure a somewhat long support period.

I must admit I do not plan to buy it from SeeedStudio as it is still in pre-order and I found it some place else for 26$ less… If I had been a little less short on cash I would have bought it from Seeed without any doubt! That is why I was asking those questions. I would not have wanted to end up with a unit buggy with no further support.

Thank you for the help, we’ll see each other on the forum again for sure!

Look here there are still some issue on BW:

Yes I saw that a while back. As long as the device can display with a certain accuracy a waveform up to 3MHz I’m happy! For higher frequncies I can always use the Tektronix scopes at my school.

  1. Now , the DSO Quad is in hw2.6 version. hw2.2 in just for tesing.\
  2. The 144M sample rate problem: it has been suspend in the latest firmware because of the FPGA problem , we are seeking the help of fpga supplyer.
  3. the bandwidth is >5M
  4. any problem and suggestion are welcome even you do not buy it from seeedstudio.