Function of NRST pin of LoRa-E5


May I ask what is the function of NRST pin of the LoRa-E5. I’m currently exploring the module. Can you connect a switch to it or be controlled by an IO of the host MCU? Does it switch off the LoRa-E5 if it is pulled down?

thank you for anyone who will answer this inquiry.

The NRST of the STM32F is an asynchronous reset pin. When NRST goes low, the MCU is reset, resetting all internal registers and the tens of kilobytes of on-chip SRAM. When NRST goes high from low, the PC pointer starts from 0. However, the reset does not reset the STM32’s on-chip RTC registers and back-up memory, as they are powered by the battery via a dedicated VBAT pin. The NRST in the STM32 has a Schmitt function. It resets the chip roughly when the input voltage falls below 1.0V.