Full screen sprite and wifi

I get that I can’t use full sprites and wifi at the same time due to memory limitations, but is there a way to use them intermittently in the same sketch? (meaning use WiFi with sprite unloaded, or use sprite and stop WiFi). I know how to unload a sprite, but how do I unload the WiFi data structures? It seems it takes up memory just by including rpcWifi.h. I mention that I have latest WiFi firmware and libraries. Is there a way to temporarily unload WiFi functionality and only load it when needed?

Is anyone from Seeed still watching this forum? I saw that in the past they answered pretty fast… Is no one else having this problem? I’m interested to somehow stop the WiFi temporarily to save memory. It’s not only the the graphics problem, but it seems I’m not able to even allocate space for a relatively small array of strings.

Using sprite graph will occupy a lot of memory space.If you want to use both image display and WiFi functions, you can try this drawing method, which takes up less memory space.

Yes, this is what I’m using, but I was wondering if there was a way to temporarily unload WiFi functionality at runtime to use buffering with sprite, and then to unload the sprite in order to use WiFi, all dynamically.