Frequently Asked Questions of RePhone (FAQ)

This topic will keep updating if more FAQ come out.

Hello, I received my Rephone today and got up and running. How do I charge the battery, couldn’t find an easy quick answer by searching…

You can simply charge it through with a 5V Micro-USB cable as normal phones.

I am very new to all of this but am trying hard to learn. In so doing, when I got my repine I was excited to start with arduino IDE, when I flashed the drive and loaded Arduino IDE I didn’t realize I lost everything so I thought I would try restoring the repine so at least I would have some basic function. The problem I have is with the .vxp file: Under the instructions for Resetting to defaults it says:

“4. Copy everything under the file named “RePhone Create Kit VXP” into the RePhone 5MB mass storage.”

The problem is I can’t open the .vxp file on my computer so I can’t see everything ‘under’ it.
So I put the whole file into the mass storage device but nothing seems to happen when I turn on the rephone…
So any baby steps I am missing would be appreciated. At least if I can restore my repine to the way I got it, then I could experiment but always know how to get back to where I started.


Hi Brad,

The vxp file is not for open as it is produced when you build the application with source code. In the RePhone Kit Create VXP, if you open the autostart.txt, you can see the following content:

[autostart] App=C:\MRE\RePhone_Create_Kit_v6_4.vxp

it actually indicate the program that RePhone should use when it’s been turned on, which is RePhone_Create_Kit_v6_4.vxp in this case.

So to restore your RePhone after you flash the firmware:

  1. download this RePhone Kit Create VXP
  2. Unzip the file, then copy the MRE folder and autostart.txt into the mass stortage mode.
  3. Now you can turn on your RePhone as normal